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  • The truck as it arrived
  • We will be installing a kit from No Limit Engineering
  • New LCA's ready to go in
  • Dropped Spindles
  • Rear 4 Link Mount
  • New disc brakes ready to go
  • Measuring time
  • Upper bag and shock bracket clamped in place

  • Drivers side bracket tacked in
  • New Crossmember tacked
  • Holes cut for proper installation of upper bag mount
  • Passenger Side
  • All brackets welded
  • Frame plated
  • All unused holes filled
  • Front Sheetmetal back on. Suspension air out. It will sit nicely on the ground.
  • 4 Link brackets in welded, painted and ready to go
  • Rear suspension aired up.
  • Longer travel shocks will be installed
  • Notch is a reinforce Intense Kustum piece
  • Rear suspension aired out.
  • 3 3 gallon tanks
  • 2 Viair compressors.
  • a schrader valve is off of one of the tanks incase there is an emergency.


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