Gosho's '55 Chevy Truck

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1955 Chevy Truck

Gosho brought in his 1955 Chevy truck for bodywork and paint. As we progressed on cleaning up the bodywork Gosho decided to go all out for a top quality body and paint. Steve has been working his magic and cleaning up door and fenders gaps as well as straightening out panels. When the bed was completed Gosho picked up the bed parts to reassemble. We have replaced rocker panel step plate, shaved the gas filler hole, straightened out the rain gutters and the roof. We have reinforced a few places that were ground down too far.  The white circles are areas that need additional metal added to strengthen the thinned metal or areas that need special work done. 

As the truck arrived at Intense

Round 1 bodyworking the bed and getting it painted

Here is the work performed on the bed. Bedsides and fender mounts were straightened and smoothed. We painted, color sanded and buffed all the parts. The owner completed reassembly of the bed.

  • After the metal work is done body filler is used to make sure the panels are flat
  • Inside the bed is just as important as the outside
  • Bodywork done and in final primer.
  • Final bodywork being performed on the tailgate
  • The tailgate after being painted ready to be polished
  • Brad and Mario inspecting the painted panels.
  • We undercoated all the underside of the panels to protect the metal as this truck will be a driver.

Round 2 the cab and the rest of the sheetmetal.

We did extensive metal work on the cab, doors, fenders and cowl areas of the truck. There were areas where the metal was paper thin. We replaced areas that had the structure compromised, metal works all panels to where very little filler is needed.  There were additional holes used to mount panels and we have filled those holes and fitted all panels in their factory location. We did tighten up the panel gaps to give a much cleaner look.

Driver side Cowl and Door jam area

  • The extra hole to mount the front fender will be filled
  • We will be replacing this compromised metal
  • We will be metal working these holes that were for the stock mirror

Passenger side Cowl and Door jam area

  • This area was beat down and didn't line up correctly. We metal worked this back to the proper height.

  • Metal will be cleaned up and replaced as needed

  • The rain gutter and roof has been straightened
  • The passenger side door gaps have been corrected and tightened
  • There is some extensive damage in the footwell and rocker area of the body so we are replacing both rocker panel with step plate
  • Here is the replacement footwell and rocker area panel installed.


Front Fender work

  • Previous work done had burned through the metal on some areas of the front fenders
  • We are filling in the extra holes drilled to mount the front fenders.
  • A washer is being added to properly secure the fender to the body.

  • There are many areas that were burned through from over grinding. We will be strengthening these areas and repairing the gaps created by the poor work.

  • Stretching out the mounting holes is not the proper way to fit a panel. We will be repairing the stretched holes and fitting the fenders correctly

The truck is ready for primer. We have cleaned up the gaps and filled and reinforced all the areas that were previously ground very thing.

  • The gas door hole is filled and metal worked.

  • Getting the gaps consistent while still in metal
  • The raw metal areas are primered and ready for the next round of bodywork. Our body shop started blocking and sanding.
  • Body filler is being used to get the area perfectly flat.
  • The roof and back of the cab are being bodyworked.
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