Studebaker Lark Buildup

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Car as it arrived at the shop

We will be installing all new suspension and airbags. It will be powered by a SBC and an overdrive transmission.

Current factory interior    
Parts removal begins Radiator removed, engine compartment accessories removed Factory Straight 6 soon to be replaced by a SBC Front end sheetmetal removed
Vito Working on removing the factory suspension Front end removed Engine Ready to Pull Engine removed and transmission removed Here are some of the existing items that will be relocated or removed
Firewall recessed to clear new SBC engine Firewall was recess completed We reused the factory piece for the recess and added metal where needed Frame clearanced for rear end and painted
Air tank and compressor in. Rear valves mounted New rear suspension pieces Suspension installed and ready to go.  
  Air system plumbing complete Electrical harness installation begins S-10 front clip being fitted
  Front clip installed and finished. Airbags and new shocks installed Engine and transmission mounted Here's a shot of the recessed front shots
Painting the underside of the front fenders. Inner fenderwell in the process of being sanded down Inner fenderwell painted. Underside of fenders complete
New master cylinder in factory style location Driveline installed   Custom radiator to fit in the factory location
    Gauges lit up and tested Front end reassembled
    New stainless exhaust  
Factory hoodpull reused   Cool Flex Black radiator hoses in. Hood fitted
New throttle pedal ready to go in floor bump for the master cylinder completed Cool Flex black radiator hoses in. Engine broken in. All components tightened and ready to drive
  Top shot of the front of the engine and radiator Custom fuel cell to fit in the factory location and give some more capacity One of the mounts
Filler to factory location Custom cell still uses the factory gas door.

Rear up

Front up rear partially up
Front up rear partially up Aired out.   Side shot aired out.

Done ready for some test miles then off to it's owner

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