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Shoebox in for updating. Airbags, Interior, Drivetrain upgrades, new front suspension and much more. As we've gotten into the project there will be some items that need to be addressed. The body will need to be put on proper mounts. It is currently welded to the frame. Stay tuned as we dig further into the existing car and go about creating a new ride

Front end removed We will be updating and cleaning up some of the existing work on the body   Existing interior. Intense will be redoing the interior to bring it up to more modern standards.
The seats use marine vinyl among other materials. Before this car leave it will be sporting a whole new look. There was a large hole on top of the transmission tunnel. It created a very hot environment inside the car. We will be building an all new tunnel to properly clear the tunnel and driveshaft. We will also be making new bodymounts. Those little 1x1 bridges are welded to the body and frame Front end is stripped. We will be clipping this with a newer front end for better suspension This is one of the front bodymounts. The body from the firewall to the front of the rear wheelwell is welded to the 2x3 thinwall then welded to the frame with 1x1. We will be building rear bodymounts with urethane bushing.
Aluminum L channel was used to mount the wing windows and as a wire channel. This will be corrected as well. We will need to fill in the holes from the old trim. There are some body filler issues we will need to address New Transmission / driveshaft tunnel progress  
  Driver side rear mount in front of the rear wheel well. Random pieces not really connected Passenger side rear mount in front of the rear wheel well. Duct tape to help fill the gap. Hole in the passenger side front of the rear wheel well. That would be where a coffee can covered the missing metal
New tranny tunnel piece in place Firewall is shaved. All factory and bonus holes have been filled and smoothed. Frame has a mild notch as well as completely plated.  
  As we dig in more we notice more items that will need repairing. Body mounts are rusted out so we will be building new ones. Existing redone wheel wells will be lowered back to their factory height Body mount on the passenger side.
New cross member for frame strength and body mounts Brad and Vito leveling the body and measuring for mounts.    
New passenger rear urethane bodymount New Driver side rear urethane bodymount   Door gap now lines up with the new mounts
  Rear wells stripped metal replacement and reinforcement begins. Newly rebuilt Ford 9" Rear end in. lower link bars mounted. Angle finder for locating the upper bar
      Installation of our new Watt's Link kit begins.
Brad welding in the new bodymount Flooring in the back of the car is going in now that all the bodymounts are now replaced Rear seating area sheetmetal underway A pic showing the repaired wheelwells. No more duct tape.
New front suspension clip welded in. Here's a shot of the now fully plated frame. Here's a picture of the fabricated done to blend the new suspension clip with the existing frame. Airbags in. Lower shock mount recessed to clear any wheel movement.
Shocks in place. Shot of the back of the interior sealed and painted. Firewall and front passenger area painted sealed and ready for reassembly. One of two airtanks in the trunk.

One our custom made fuel cells that will be located under the floor. Front sheetmetal back on car back on the ground rolling. Ready for body and an all new color.  
      New engine with accessories
New Intense Kustum Watts and the custom fuel cell Dakota Digital did a great job on the new gauge cluster Custom Dakota Digital gauge replaces the factory clock. It gives corner pressures and tank pressure
Hudson and the completed front end alignment. Final touches on the engine compartment Reshaped roof to better flow with the car. Engine compartment done. New valve covers air cleaner. Vintage air setup installed.
Ready to head off for it's full custom interior      
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